Humanitarian Work

Baby Banana Brush is happy to contribute to, and support worthy causes all over the world.

Solomon Islands

In the winter of 2009, several medical professionals traveled to the Solomon Islands on a medical service mission. The doctors visited many different islands throughout the region, performing everything from basic dental check-ups to advanced eye surgeries. The volunteers also brought many items from the United States to the people of the Solomon Islands–including about 200 Baby Banana Brushes! The young children were excited to have an item that was brought especially for them. Some of the kids weren’t sure at first whether to brush their teeth or their hair with their new Banana Brushes. It wasn’t long before all the kids were running around with their new Baby Banana Brushes, and we felt good having contributed to such a worthy cause. Thank you to all those medical professionals who donate their time and services to people in need all over the world. Baby Banana Brush is proud to be a sponsor of such medical service missions.

Solomon Islands

Other Humanitarian Efforts