Shanghai Tongzhen (aka Western Baby) is the exclusive distributor of Live-Right, LLC and Baby Banana(香蕉宝宝) for mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.  Shanghai Tongzhen has been our exclusive distributor since 2010.


Please beware of counterfeit companies in China and the USA.  Our company was created in Idaho and has satellite offices in Utah and California.  Any company claiming to be Live-Right that is based elsewhere in the USA, including Delaware, is not affiliated with our company and is a fraud.  

Also, please beware of fraudulent websites.  The only valid website address is  Any variation of this address (i.e., is a knock-off and should not be trusted.      


Finally, please beware of counterfeit product as they are potentially unsafe and should not be trusted.  The only verified products come through Shanghai Tongzhen.  Any attempt from other sources to distribute our products (i.e., Yisaisi) should not be trusted and is in direct violation to our intellectual property, trade law and other legal rights.