This week Weston received his Original Baby Banana Brush and it was an immediate hit... He toted his brush around the house for hours teething on the flexible silicone. I think he really liked the feel of the bristles and other ridges on the brush. I was thrilled that the brush is a safer option to teeth brushing as well as another natural option to help with teething.
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Measuring Flower
The Little Mister loves it! He carries it around all over the place. Although he's just playing with it, it really does scrub his teeth in the process!
Mom's Motely Crue
From observing my son with the Baby Sharky Brush, I really like this product... as it is light weight, perfect size for babies hands, soft and flexible...
To say she loves it is putting it mildly. It pleases me to no end that it was NOT a wasted purchase... All in all I highly recommend this product to any parent.
This cute little teether is in the shape of a small shark and it is lightweight and easy for my little guy to hold...As a busy working mom, I love the fact that it is dishwasher-safe! I also stuck mine in the freezer to get it nice and cold, since that feels good on baby’s new teeth! I love this product and highly recommend it to all moms!